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Is Mui Ne Vietnam in Asia a kitesurf Mekka?

Is Mui Ne Vietnam the kitesurfspot for your winter?

Are you asking yourself this question? Well maybe we can help you with answering it.
If you’re looking for great constant daily wind, nice temperatures and friendly people, Mui Ne Vietnam is the kitesurfspot for your winter.
Are you looking for cheap living and food, that delivers for every taste? Being it the local freshly caught seafood that you adore, local Vietnamese dishes, or maybe you fancy to share a bbq on the table with friends and all the food you can think of, from crocodile meat, to fish and vegetables, or you just only like to eat the food you are used to at home? You will find it all here!

Mui Ne is mainly famous for it’s wind blowing all day, every day and when we say blowing we mean pumping, kite sizes bigger than 15m are a rare seen thing on the beach. Most likely you will be finding yourself on the water with a 9m or even smaller. All year long there is wind in Mui Ne, but the high season is starting from end October all the way till the end of March.
Through the years Mui Ne has become a place that attracts many backpackers and other forms of tourism. Whether it is because they want to take kitelessons at one of the kiteschools that Mui Ne has, or just because they want to enjoy a laidback lifestyle. Hanging around on the beach, meeting other backpackers, or tourists and enjoying the nightlife together. Many people before you came to visit for maybe a couple of days and found themselves “stuck” here for weeks, months and some even made this place their new home…… You are warned!

How we are experiencing the high season at our kiteschool.

The season 2015-2016 was for Windchimes kiteschool a extraordinary year. That we are able to say this after running our school for more then 11 years excites us! What this season made so special is a combination of things. First of all seeing all the familiar faces back year after year tells us that we are doing something good. It’s always nice to hear their stories, see the progression they made, see new members in the family, to have a drink with them during our daily Happy Hours, or grabbing some food. For all of you, thanks again for joining us and we hope to see you back the next season!

Besides this established and familiar “family”, we had the honor of getting a lot of new “family”. People who just joined our school for the season, to hangout and kite at our big beach, and all the new guys who joined this sport and took lessons with us. Seeing their smiling faces when they get up and ride for the first time is a priceless feeling!

For all those people who already know how to kite we do the occassional “downwinder” to Phan Thiet, which always brings good fun, riding along the coastline while playing in the waves. This season we added a nice kitesafari to our adventures, and we went up north for a 5 day trip, discovering new kitespots and doing a downwinder of 50 km. It is incredible to see the changing landscape and the clear blue water! We found nice flatwater spots, ate great food and had good fun on the water and during the evening. With Vietnam’s long coastline there is still much to explore and discover so we will be doing that more the next season.

Being back at our school in Mui Ne, we introduced the earlier mentioned Happy Hour’s. These created such a good atmosphere, drinking a Saigon Green beer on the beach with friends, while seeing the sun go down and having nice talks about…… you name it. After these Happy Hours we often continued somewhere having food together. Man we had a blast with all of you guys, so our Happy Hours definitely found our way at our school and are a keeper for the future!


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