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    In order to jump you will have to already be able to travel up wind and hold an edge as the build up to a jump will require you to be riding whilst holding an edge.

    When we say holding an edge we mean for you to be resting with you weight against the kite and your heel side of the board dug firmly into the water. This edge is maintained whilst riding at a medium speed.
    The kite is at a 10 o’clock position and when ready for the jump it is then moved to 12 o’clock and the edge of your board is simultaneously released whilst also pushing up with your legs to gain extra pop.
    This should take you off the water and into a small jump. When you get to the top of your jump you will want to spot your landing and start to angle your board so that it will be pointing downwind.

    When the kite reaches 12 you will then need to redirect it back toward 10 again in order for you to have enough momentum to keep going once you land.

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