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Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

Where to go after the kitesurf season in Vietnam comes to an end?

So it’s been a while since we updated you with some news. And the news we are sharing with you now is not about Vietnam. But another beautiful kitesurf destination in Asia maybe you are already guessing it….. It’s about kitesurfing Sri Lanka!
And the nice thing about Sri Lanka and Vietnam is that their main windy seasons are opposite from eachother. This means that from November till April Vietnam is the place to be and from May to the end of October Sri Lanka has perfect conditions.
It so happened to be that one of our instructors Jeroen who has been teaching at Windchimes for 4 seasons, recently went there to start his own kiteschool called “The Spot“! Close to the famous Kalpitiya lagoon about 20 minutes away from it at the Kappalady lagoon.

Sri Lanka’s epic kitesafaris

This whole area is perfect for kite safaris and downwinders from one lagoon to another. Combined with visiting beautiful islands along the way. Kitesurfing Sri Lanka is definitely something that should be on your bucketlist, when you enjoy flatwater, downwinders, good wind, waves, delicious food, friendly people and stunning nature!
Accompanied by a boat the kite safaris can vary from a one day tour to a multiple day tour.
For information about these trips contact The Spot or have a look here for the different tours and possibilities they offer.

Accommodation at The Spot

Also when you are looking for accommodation directly at the kitespot, kiteschool “The Spot” is where you need to be! They work together with 2 resorts. Offering different kinds off high standard rooms, some of them looking out over the sea and others are more located surrounded by palmtrees. Both resorts are offering delicious local Sri Lankan food. The school and resorts are working together in such a way that a BBQ and/or party will be organised on a regular basis! The “kitelife” level at kitesurfing Sri Lanka is high, bringing you all the goodvibes!
Take a look at the accommodation here and book directly via the website.

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